Friends of Czech Greenways  

We had wonderful trip. We walked over 200 miles using Greenways brochures as a guide but depended on the maps, compass and GPS to get around.

After a few days walking, we devised our own routes so that we walked 10-20 miles per day. We used the marked trails mostly but also used roads and paths shown on the maps. Occasionally, the trail markings and maps disagreed with each other. We also shortened routes by taking a bus or train part of the way.

The Info centers were very helpful in booking accommodations and giving us bus and train information even for other places because the timetables are on the net.

We would encourage any experienced walker to take this trip. We are sixty tears old and speak no Czech and only a few words of German and had little difficulty getting around. Mostly the trails were well marked, but not always. Mostly the walking was easy, but not always, especially over the riverbanks. We managed even during the hottest summer Europe has seen. The Czech people are very nice and gracious. They could not believe that American would spend an entire month in the Czech Republic.

We booked our accomodations a few days in advance and they varied from private room (which turned out to be a studio apartment) to newly renovated hotel on the main square. All were clean and comfortable. Food was good. We do not eat red meat and had no difficulty ordering from the German side of the menu (if there was one) and using our Czech -English dictionary. Both food and accommodations were inexpensive. The towns we stayed overnight were: Tynec nad Sazavou, Bystrice, Votice, Sedlec-Prcice, Tabor, Bechyne, Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov, Kaplice, Nove Hrady, trebon, Jindrichuv Hradec, Nova Bystrice, Slavonice, Dacice, Bitov, Vranov n/Dyji, Znojmo, Mikulov and Valtice.

We found it very useful having the portable GPS and a Czech cell phone. I highly recommend this to anyone going on the walks (I think Rena mentioned this). Also the ATMs worked quite well so there was no need to get bogged down changing money or traveler's checks. Doing laundry was difficult. One must be careful to negotiate with the hotel staff instead of just handing them a bag of dirty clothes. We found it quite useful to take the quick drying clothes and "Cool Max" type of materials.

The food was very good, the wine was excellent in Moravia, same for the beer in Bohemia.

Thank you very much for your encouragement and help. We used all the information you sent us. It would be more helpful if you could update the phone numbers. All-in-all we had a lot of fun and a great time.