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Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. However, the search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar to your search terms.

Use multiple words
Use multiple words when performing your search. The search results will return more refined results from several words than from a single word.

Use similar words
The more similar words you use in a search, the more relevant results you will get back.

Use quotation marks
Use quotation marks to find words which must appear adjacent to each other, for example, "our pledge to you."

Use wildcards
Wildcard searches can expand the number of matches for a particular request. The * character is used as the wildcard character.
"wh* are" will find the phrases where are, what are, why are, etc.

Use plus (+) or minus (-)
Use a plus sign when your search term or phrase must appear in the search results. Use a minus sign to indicate terms to exclude.
Example: +"template language"
Note: A phrase must be contained within quotation marks. Leave no spaces between the plus or minus sign and the term.

Use field searches
Field searches allow you to create specific searches for words that appear in a specific part of a document. A field search can be performed on:
  • body text (body:)
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  • alt text (alt:)
  • meta description (desc:)
  • meta key words (keys:)
  • URL (url:)
The field name should be in lowercase and immediately followed by a colon. There should be no spaces between the colon and the search term.

Example: body:"wine trail"
Note: The field searches can only be followed by a word or phrase. Phrases must be contained within quotation marks.