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  New! Biking Guides Available for Download
The first 4 Bike Guides (in a series of 7) can be downloaded here. The guides are in English, Czech and German, and include maps, points of interest, elevation and distance information.

Biking Guide 1: Prague - Tabor (4.8 MB PDF)
Biking Guide 2: Tabor - Slavonice/Vratenin (11 MB PDF)
Biking Guide 3: Slavonice/Vratenin - Valtice (4.7 MB PDF)
Biking Guide 4: Valtice - Vienna (5.4 MB PDF)

Czech Hiking Club logo Since 1989, the Czech Hiking Club (KCT) has published a series of hiking maps based on detailed military contour maps that were not available to the public during the communist regime. The scale is usually 1:50 000 or 1:75 000, and distances are given in kilometers. These maps can be purchased in any larger bookstore in the Czech Republic (see below), or on our order page.

SHOCart logo SHOCart, s.r.o. has produced a series of 1:75 000 scale biking/hiking maps covering the Prague-Vienna Greenways. They can be purchased in the the Czech Republic, or on our order page.

View a SHOCart key map showing the location of the numbered maps
(700 x 411, 75 Kb)
View a detail of one of the SHOCart maps
(597 x 813, 76 Kb)

Greenways Moravian Wine Trails Map & Guide, published by SHOCart at a scale of 1:100 000, covers the southern Moravian wine region along the Austrian border. From Znojmo in the West, to Mikulov and Hodonin in the central region, to Uherske Hradiste in the East, this detailed map shows all the hiking and biking trails, as well as indicating vinyards and wineries. Recommended wine routes are shown.

Also included is a detailed guidebook, in Czech, German and English, showing trail elevations, town highlights and historical references, lists of wine cellars (with contact information) and related wine events. Available on our order page.

Where to get maps in the Czech Republic:
Besides the Prague addresses listed below, you can generally find maps in the larger bookstores and Infocenters in most towns.