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Prague-Vienna Greenways

There are many ways to organize a Greenways adventure...

Self-guided and Guided Tours
Whatever your style of touring is, you can choose and tailor your mode of travel. Greenways Travel Club and its local knowledgeable staff offer unique customized services to visitors, including transfers of luggage while you walk or bike from town to town, bike rentals, and selecting Greenways certified hotels, pensions and restaurants for you. You will receive a comprehensive information kit allowing you to find places that you could otherwise miss.

If you prefer, you can arrange a Guided Tour. Please see the Greenways Travel Club Tours page for more information.

Independent Travel
You can, of course, just come to the Prague-Vienna Greenways and tour on your own. You arrange your transportation, accommodation and rentals. But you're not without help. You can contact the local Infocenters in each Greenways region for assistance.

For those of you biking some or all of the Greenways, we have a special page for you, in addition to the Infocenters listed below. Go to the Greenways Bicycle page.

Wine Trails
The main Moravian wine trail meanders through the vinyards and villages from Znojmo to Uherske Hradiste, for 150 mi (242 km). Nine more trails from other wine regions connect with it.

There is also a growing partnership with the Austrian Weinviertel wine region between Moravia and Vienna.